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SRTool easier...

Forget the other apps, just use SRTool.


Do you want to create or edit subtitles? Or just want to watch a movie with a sub? SRTool is made for you. It runs on your Mac, iPhone and iPad, it has simple but powerful features that helps you be more productive and lets you focusing on the really important things.

Import existing files

You can not only create subtitle files, but the srt files can be also directly opened, to edit them. You can also search and import subs from

Styling and positioning

Add styles to your subtitle like bold, italic or underline. You can also apply custom colors if you want,
or even set the position a frame.

Video view

The video view is supporting you to create accurate timing of your subtitle frames. If you want just have fun, pick a subtitle and watch movies with it.

Easy frame editing

Create subtitles easier as never before. The intuitive frame handling, keyboard commands, and gestures let you be more productive.

Search and
download subtitles

Having a movie night? Or you want just to translate a sub?
You can search and import subtitles with a few clicks from the world largest subtitle database in over 50 languages.
The Community of the made possible for you.

You can edit
or remove ranges
with a single selection

If you want to sync a range of frames or just want to remove them, just select them and do it.

Get Details

Or just drag, shrink
or expand a frame...

You don't have to enter the timing values by hand like in other apps, just drag it and you are done. If you want to set the duration of the frame you can also easily resize it.